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Chip Level Laptop and Mobile Repairing Course in Kolkata.

We are one of the best training providers for Chip Level Mobile and Laptop Repairing Course in Kolkata. There is a huge shortage of technically qualified people in industries like laptop repairing, mobile repairing, and other technical instruments. The main reason for this is the existence of a mismatch between demand and supply. Don’t you feel that it is an irony on one side there is the unemployment problem and on the other side, there is a great demand for technicians? Therefore, our institute is helping unemployed or nonliterate people to teach them advanced skills of repairing and helping them to grow as repair technicians.

We have changed itself into one of the Best Laptop or Mobile Repairing Institute in Kolkata through our skilled and knowledgeable instructors as well as their extensive knowledge of repairing. Our focus is on the practical side of things, rather than theoretical education. The faculty prepares students for a bright future by delivering high-quality output. Students get knowledge about the different tools and devices within the laptop or mobile repairing course in Kolkata. With the help of advanced tools, Learners learn about the art of repairing in a professional both hardware and software.

We provide a practical and friendly guide, explaining the detailed procedures for repairing a laptop and smartphones, in easily understandable language. These guides are provided with hands-on solutions to troubleshooting laptop or mobile problems and diagnosing the problems and conflicts using all the latest machines or tools like BGA Machine, CRO machines, SMD Machine, LED LCD TV panel repairing Machines, or lots more.

What will you learn from our chip-level courses?

We are the best institute and an ISO certified Government recognized institute that offers valuable and efficient chip level courses to the interested people. The modules of the course include the fundamentals of a laptop or mobile, the difference between working with a laptop and a desktop computer, and upgrading memory modules like RAM, Hard disk, and BIOS. The subjects taught include also BIO settings of different models of laptops, motherboards, power management of a laptop or mobiles, diagnosing the problems without disassembling a laptop, and procedures for repairing. Video shows are also arranged to understand how to assemble and disassemble a laptop or mobile.

How a laptop or mobile repairing courses provide a safe career.

As an owner of a laptop, if you are thorough with laptop repairing, you can save a lot of money and time. The laptop and mobile repairing institute is focussing their attention on making you thorough with all the information about a laptop or mobile help you undertake many minor repairs by yourself. By undergoing the laptop repairing course successfully, the trainee is poised to earn a hefty income even for attending minor repairs. These courses give the best shape to your uplifted career.

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Our Various Courses Provided by Us. We have a team of Quality Experience educators or trainers having more than 10-15+ years of experience in technical filed and provides best solution to all chip level and card level related problems, they provides you advanced and practical training.


Our Smartphone and mobile repairing course in Kolkata is based on a practical learning approach. We designed our courses with 100% practical skills so that students become able to solve all types of problems with their own hands. We are the best mobile repairing institute in India to ensure make your career is secure and reaches the high peak of success. We start from basic, and cover all advanced level repairing of various mobile phones. Our course syllabus is very simplified such that anyone can grasp the concepts.


The Laptop and Computer chip level repairing course is very good for the future to start your own business or get a job in a reputed company. We cover all the important repairing techniques to learn various repairing issues in different laptops. we give training in the different motherboard of models of laptops like Apple, HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, HCL, and many more. We cover both chip level and card level laptop repairing courses. For students interested in this course about both card level and chip level, we have designed a combo laptop repairing course as well.


LCD LED Smart TV Repairing Course. We have experienced faculty provides full practical and advanced training to students.we provide you best LCD and LED TV technology and practical knowledge

CCTV Repairing Course

We are a famous CCTV camera repairing and training institute. our trainer gives their great supports to all our students. we give the live practical course and CCTV camera installation and repairing course, after course you can do own business.

Printer Repairing Training

We are also providing Printer Repairing Course with the most up-to-date, high tech, and complete training. our printer repair course is separated into two pieces, first is the theory part which is 20% of the course and the second is practical which covers 80% parts of the curriculum. In the practical part, we make you learn about the various faults of printers in different models. This course is also taught by well-experienced faculty who are experienced in teaching both technical and theoretical knowledge.

AC Repairing Training

We are recently launch a new course of AC PCB repairing. A AC technician does the job of inspecting the essential parts of an AC like a compressor, fan motor, evaporator unit, condenser unit, and thermostat. We help students to have a degree in an AC PCB repairing course, and they easily understand the basics and the refinements of an air conditioner. We start from the essential topics and finish with the most refined details to provide advanced knowledge of ac repairing.

Essential Qualification:

The student who has only 10th or 12 th passed or above the age of 15 years, can become the part of our Institute and pick up any course or all repairing course in order to become chip level and card level technicians. There is no need for further qualification but students have only basic knowledge of computer.

Benefits to join Laptop, Mobile, LED LCD TV Repairing Course.

  • These all above courses are job/business-oriented courses for everyone.
  • Our curriculum is designed according to the basic to advanced level.
  • These are short term and low investment course with high returns.
  • Become a Certified expert and get an ISO certificate.
  • Open the best opportunities to make your future secure.

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Student Trained

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Self Employed/Jobs

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Faculty & Staff

What Our Students Say?

Rohit Mahera

The most important thing of this Institute is that they use to take care of both theory and practical Knowledge. With the technical support of this Institute and their experienced faculty members I am working in a reputed Service Centre for that I will be very thankful to this Institute.

Sunder Shri Vastav

In this Institute I found that laptop and mobile repairing course to be very interesting and insightful. I picked up the latest techniques of repairing and really thanks to this institute and enjoyed the group discussions and the best faculty which always ready to give best solution. I think this is a great place.

Rakesh Sharma

The best and very interesting feature of this Institute is that they are more concerned about practical work. They teach us the repairing of the Laptop/Desktop chip level in a very well practical way and provide advanced knowledge of repairing. There LED LCD TV repairing course is the best and there are lots of tools and machines for practical training. I am very thankful because of them now I am running my own Shop and Earn a minimum Rs.50000 to 70000 per month.