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Laptop Repairing Course in Amritsar.

Why should you choose a laptop repair area?

Are you looking for a career that will give you more profit in less duration and cost? If yes, then there is no better option than the field of laptop repair. This course prepares you as an effective technician in 1 to 2 months of training. The consumption of laptops is increasing all over the globe, due to which new employment opportunities are being created as well as in its repairing sector. This field gives you immense opportunities for making a career. If you are thinking of getting Laptop Repairing Course in Amritsar, then there is no better and more effective place than Advanced Institute. We provide you with personalized attention, flexible class schedules, live training, and intensive courses that make us a preferred choice over others.

What do you learn in laptop repair training?

Due to Advanced Institute's association with industry experts, students will get the best of their knowledge to solve all kinds of repairing issues in the various laptops. We use the most up-to-date repair approach, advanced tools, and machinery to make the process of repair analysis straightforward, due to which we have emerged as the Best Laptop Repairing Institute in Amritsar. Teachers provide practical learning to students with real projects to help them understand and experience various repair situations. That is why many students, working people, and business professionals have trusted us and get successful in the area of laptop repair.

The students of our institute receive 100% practical training in hardware and software. We provide well-organized or well-managed laboratories for the students to practice work in which all the machines and types of equipment required to improve the business function like BGA machines, CRO machines, BIOS programmers, OCA machines, Hot airguns, SMD machines, Oscilloscopes, etc.

We provide the best instructions for chip-level defects and the best solutions, which are highly beneficial for your bright future. We have developed esports teaching methods and specialized advanced training patterns for non-technical people with engineering backgrounds and youth, students, and post-graduates that give confidence to the students in solving repairing issues. This curriculum is career-focused, and rigorous training helps students find work and start their ventures.

Some salient features of our institute :

  • We offer you learning with practicals in the real environment for repairing exclusive sorts of laptops.
  • We make learners excel at troubleshooting, solving, repairing, or maintenance with different laptops.
  • We offer advanced education on various tools and machines like BGA machines, SMD devices, Oscilloscopes, CRO systems, and hot Airgun and impart the knowledge to students to apply these advanced types of equipment.
  • We provide detailed education on using the BGA device to do away with and reball the most insignificant detail of the board and included Chip (IC) from the board. We additionally offer lifetime technical help.
  • After completion of the course, we offer full aid for activity placement or business establishment.

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Our Courses As we know, today's competition has reached the seventh sky, so in this situation, along with formal education, the importance of technical education has also increased a lot. That is the reason why the interest of students in specialized courses has also increased a lot, so we present a well-known list of technical education. A quality experience team with over 10+ years of experience helps students master various programs.


Smartphone and mobile repair courses are based on a practical learning approach. We have made our courses completely practical to handle all types of mobiles. We are one of the best Smartphone and mobile repair institutes that can provide advanced learning for various smartphone repairing. We start from basic education and cover all advanced mobile repairing eduction. The syllabus of our course is simple so that one can understand the concepts easily.


This course is great for starting your own business or getting a job in a reputed company in the future. We provide skills to learn repairing various laptops like Apple, HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, HCL, and more with developing repair techniques. We cover both chip level and card level laptop repairing courses. For those students who are interested in this course about both the card level and the chip level, we have also designed a combo laptop repair course.


At LCD LED Smart TV Repairing Course, we have experienced faculty who provide complete practical or advanced training to the students. We offer you the best LCD and LED TV repair techniques with practical knowledge of various components and tools. This course of ours helps you to easily solve various problems arising in various TVs.

CCTV Repairing Course

The use of CCTV cameras is increasing these days in terms of security & is increasing the demand for CCTV repair technicians. We are a well-known CCTV Camera Repair & Training Institute. Our instructors give great support to all our students. We provide live practical courses for CCTV camera installation & repairing, then after which you can start your own business.

Essential Qualification:

The student who has only 10th or 12th passed or above the age of 15 years can become the part of our Institute and pick up any course or all repairing course to become chip level and card level technicians. There is no need for further qualifications. Students have only basic knowledge of computers.

Benefits to join Laptop, Mobile, LED LCD TV Repairing Course.

  • These all above courses are job/business-oriented for everyone.
  • Our curriculum is designed according to the basic to advanced level.
  • These are short-term and low investment courses with high returns.
  • Become a Certified expert and get an ISO certificate.
  • Open the best opportunities to make your future secure.

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Student Trained

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Self Employed/Jobs

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Faculty & Staff

What Our Students Say?

Rohit Mahera

The most important thing of this Institute is that they use to take care of both theory and practical Knowledge. With the technical support of this Institute and their experienced faculty members I am working in a reputed Service Centre for that I will be very thankful to this Institute.

Sunder Shri Vastav

In this Institute I found that laptop and mobile repairing course to be very interesting and insightful. I picked up the latest techniques of repairing and really thanks to this institute and enjoyed the group discussions and the best faculty which always ready to give best solution. I think this is a great place.

Rakesh Sharma

The best and very interesting feature of this Institute is that they are more concerned about practical work. They teach us the repairing of the Laptop/Desktop chip level in a very well practical way and provide advanced knowledge of repairing. There LED LCD TV repairing course is the best and there are lots of tools and machines for practical training. I am very thankful because of them now I am running my own Shop and Earn a minimum Rs.50000 to 70000 per month.