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Best LED LCD TV Repairing Course in Delhi

We are the Best Led Lcd TV Repairing Institute in Delhi, We have experienced faculty They will provides full practical best Led Lcd Smart Tv training to students. Lcd Led Smart Tv repairing Course provided a basic understanding of Lcd and Led Tv technology and practical knowledge of all electronic components, replacing components, tracing and fault repair techniques.

We give an advanced LCD LED Smart TV Repairing Course in Delhi and Near NCR. Our profoundly experienced teachers give full useful and practical preparation to learners. Television fix instructional classes gave a fundamental comprehension of LED TV innovation and functional information on practical knowledge with the dismantling of all parts, replacing sections, fault finding, and tracing techniques. We have 100% employment help for students with reputed service centers or companies. We have the best professors for practical training for all smart TVs and they prepare you as a professional expert, after the course, you should definitely learn all the techniques to repair any smart TVs of any brands.

We are the best organization, establishments in Delhi with its extra advances. Our institutions developed different achievements in specific divisions. You will get getting ready on-chip level for the work section and PC fixing course with 100% pragmatic. We use advanced innovation and fixing devices. we give the latest advancement in every practical sense planning. we have each latest contraption and LCD LED TV'S motherboard to give the best and advanced level preparing for our understudies.

  • Identification and testing of all components.
  • About LCD & LED TV Technology.
  • How to Replace all Normal & SMD Component.
  • How to Replace all types of Socket & Jack
  • Recognizing and clarifying the basic outline of LCD/LED television
  • Difference Between LCD and LED Television displays
  • Knowledge of intensity flexibly and creator board
  • Understanding and working of the fundamental preparing board
  • Understanding and working of the controller
  • Understanding and working of an LCD driver unit
  • Understanding and working of Standby Circuit
  • Introduction to LCD/LED technology
  • Comparison between the CRT innovation, LCD innovation, and LED technology
  • Advantages and impediments of these cutting edge technologies
  • Various componenets of smart televison and its advantages
  • Color quality, Working on keen applications, Storage details
  • Understanding, working, programming and refreshing flash ROM
  • HDMI information system
  • Tools, advanced machines and hardware required in LCD/LED repair
  • Assembling & Disassembling.
  • Power Supply (SMPS) How to fix faulty Power Supply Board.
  • Main Board (Logic card).
  • Scalar PCB.
  • T-con Board.
  • Backlight Card (Inverter Board & LED Driver Circuit).
  • Panel (LCD & LED).
  • COF, COG, COP, Side Coff, Tab & About Bounding of Coff.
  • Panel Mapping, STB Circuit, Protection Circuit, Useful Equipment & tools, Schematic Diagram, Test Point, Shortcut tricks etc.
  • Bios Upgrading (Main Board, Tcon Board, Panel Epprom) & Bios Related fault How to Resolve it.
  • Mostly Coming Fault and its Solution.
  • Dead TV.
  • Backlight failure
  • No Video.
  • No Audio.
  • Port Not Working (VGA, HDMI, AV, USB etc)
  • OSD Menu Failure.
  • White Screen, Rainbow Screen, Negative Picture, Mirror image, Reverse image, Lining in image etc.
  • Dead Condition (TV & Monitor).
  • Modification.
  • Panel, Logic Card, Power Card, Inverter, Backlight, etc.
  • About Universal, Logic Card, Power Card, Inverter card, etc.
  • Bypass Tricks & Repair History.
  • Panel Bypass New Method (No Need to Replace Coff if Possible).
  • How to Install Universal PCB to other Brand TV.
  • LVDS Mapping (Software & Hardware).
  • What are Non HD, HD, Full HD, and How to Configure Each other?
  • How to Solved all VRM Burn PCB in Short time.
  • Start Your TV Without Bios Memory.

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All courses at our Institute are aimed to make you a professional Repairing Specialist with all the practical knowledge and strong concepts with exposure to latest industry developments and techniques.

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In all courses you work under the guidance and assistance of a working professional to gain hands-on working knowledge on live projects.

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Best LED LCD Smart TV Repairing Institute In Delhi.

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  • Having 15+ years Experience in this field.
  • 100% Jobs Placements & Business support.
  • All Mentioned Courses Repairing Training is Practical.
  • Lifetime Technical Support.
  • Full Practical on Live Mother Board.
  • Provide Tips and Tricks received on Mobile & E-Mail.
  • Training with latest tools like Bga machine, CRO Machine, BIOS programmer etc..
  • Various Service Centres in Various parts of the India.
  • Best Short Term Crash Courses.
  • Well Mainted labs with latest tools
  • 24/7 Helpine support
  • Online Classes.